American Craft Council

American Craft Council Show in Baltimore

ACCAmerican Craft Council Show in Baltimore

Last month, Sandra and Wence welcomed a steady stream of visitors to their booth at the prestigious American Craft Council (ACC) Show in Baltimore, MD. “We received a special invitation to participate, which was quite an honor as it is normally a juried show,” says Sandra. “ACC staff circulated the Wisconsin Life PBS profile that recently aired, which prompted many new people to seek us out.”

Craft collectors thronged the Martinez Studio booth to admire Wence’s vibrant, pattern-driven tapestries and those inspired by Sandra’s primitive/organic works on paper. “People were really intrigued by our process,” says Sandra. “The way Wence and I work together is a pretty special thing, and we love sharing it with others.”

The Martinez Studio booth was a featured stop on the American Craft Council’s “Fiber Tour,” led by Lewis Knauss, fiber artist, educator and ACC College of Fellows member. He paccointed out Sandra and Wence’s bold collaborative designs and encouraged the use of textiles on the floor as a “fifth wall.” “We loved that he reinforced the functionality and versatility of our work,” says Sandra.

“Collectors we met at the Smithsonian were excited to find us at the show,” says Wence. “But we had faithful friends show up too, to hug us and say hello. It was a wonderful weekend.”

We are honored to debut at American Craft Council’s flagship show in Baltimore.

Friday, February, 21 – Sunday February 23
Booth 2405