Coming and going at the same time…

I am making a point to pick out random books from the shelves here… to leaf through them…saying goodbye…cursing my bad memory and writing important things down in my journal. Sorting art supplies, detailing out the finished work from a most productive winter…all the while wishing there were just a few more days, weeks to follow a lead in the artwork.

Today we reveled in the smell of rain in the desert mountains…it was 104 degrees, then it rained and even after all these years, i run around sniffing things…is it the dirt, the adobe, the brick, the concrete, the tougher than nails, desert scrub plants? This is a scent, neither Wence nor I have ever encountered anywhere else.   We drink it in.

Missing the squishy ground of Wisconsin springtime, the frogs, the run-off creeks full to the brim…but we’ll be back in a flash…

We hit the door, second week of May, and do some running around before we settle in by Memorial Day weekend…just like many door county seasonal folk.

Even more than morels, we look forward to throwing our arms around all the people we deeply missed these six months….in celebration of all things good, and in support of all things difficult.

Photos of new paintings shortly, here on the blog

Be well, see you soon


Sandra and Wence