Review of ‘Contemporary Flatweave’ by Wence & Sandra Martinez

Tradition is alive (and growing) at Latino Arts

By Kat Minerath
Sep. 22, 2015
Shepherd Express

The gallery is activated by the tapestries moving lightly in the HVAC breeze. They line the walls, accompanied by various studies for finished pieces. In the center of the spacious room, large woven pieces hang from the ceiling like quiet sentries.

“Contemporary Flatweave Rooted in Legacy by Wence & Sandra Martinez” at Latino Arts is an exhibition displaying work from the Martinez studio. Working in collaboration, spouses Wence and Sandra work with their daughter and other family members to produce textiles inspired by Oaxacan weaving traditions. Contemporary pieces form the majority of the exhibition, accented by special examples that illustrate the passing down of craft, such as a blanket woven in the 1940s by Wence’s grandfather.

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