Love Letter to Door County (with tacos)

 June 14th, 2016

Join us to celebrate our 2016 Smithsonian Silver Award for overall excellence and upcoming MOWA, Museum of Wisconsin Art show on
Saturday, July 9, 3-6pm at our Jacksonport studio
(…new work from our Southwest retreat, from the Village…with tacos!)

We would never have had the chance to throw our hats in the ring, to stand in the nation’s capital with our life’s work all around us without nearly 30 years of Door County’s support and encouragement. The more we travel with our work the more we are aware of the potent incubator that our beloved peninsula provides. Our touchstone…our first point of contact with all who sustain us in our dreaming…Door County gave us the chance to ripen.
Back in 1994, we watered down cheap white paint by half and covered every inch of the inside of a borrowed, disintegrating chicken coop. (It was a glorious two story coop now returned to some very lucky chickens.) We held the window panes in with putty, heated with an old wood stove that took hours to break the chill so we could comfortably work. Then we hopefully painted up a chunk of scrap plywood declaring Martinez Studio a gallery.

We had a string of supportive side jobs where the owners didn’t mind us talking about our our art…even displaying some of our art…even working on it a bit when the place was quiet. The other artists/makers/entrepreneurs had our back when things went heartbreakingly wrong…and patted us on the back when things went surprisingly well.

Door County is a place where the collectors are often incognito. Having crossed the bridge seeking respite, we meet their deeper selves in comfortable shoes. Fed by that walk in the woods, that seemingly endless water…(shark free and unsalted)…hearts warmed by the offerings they find here, bless them…they often take a little piece of it home, supporting all of us along the way.

A constant reminder of the cycles we ride in life, each Door County season is a fresh make or break opportunity. All of us here must trust that slow and steady wins the race…putting one hopeful foot in front of the other. The edges of all of our wild spaces…our forests, creeks, lakes (both great and small) remind us we are alternatively washed by the water and claimed by it. We are stewards of one of the great wonders of our world and our visitors share in that sense of awe.

Eternally grateful…and on behalf of all the wonderful makers and entrepreneurs in this truly magical place…thank you for your support and encouragement.

We hope to see you soon!
(Love and Tacos…Saturday, July 9, 3-6pm)
Sandra and Wence