New Village Collection

floraNew Village Collection

As new Village Collection work arrives, newsletters will be sent out by email with photos of available work.

Wence and Sandra Martinez view their roles in a long line of stewards of the Oaxacan weaving legacy as an honor and a privilege. With Wence’s expert mentoring, their daughter, Malena Martinez and son-in-law, Jacobo Martinez debuted as apprentices bringing the work full circle, flowing back into the cultural heritage from which it was born.

The “Village Collection” is based on 14 of Sandra’s latest designs woven by the apprentices of machine spun, Oaxacan wool providing entry level pricing for new collectors. Whether used on the wall or the floor, the work brings warmth to a variety of interiors from urban lofts to cozy bungalows.

”Village Collection” designs are available in a variety of colors and sizes woven by the apprentices. Currently in gold, turquoise, red, soft green, black and cream. The works may be commissioned as woven by Wence in hand-spun wool as well.