Architectural Digest Show

Thank you, Architectural Digest…

There is only one first time…and for our first trade show to be Architectural Digest in Manhattan…well we are still floating a bit.

Michael (Doerr Woodworking) and Bobbi have 30+ years of road show experience and kindly took us under their wings. A natural fit, the four of us had a wonderful time together.

The goal is to return.

(With such wonderful artists all around us… our corner rocked!)

Architectural Digest Show

Our AD/NY/12 adventure was inspiring on every level…

Geared to upscale Interior Designers and full to the brim with talent…we felt grateful and welcomed as a new resource for quality hand crafted work.

Usually folks who come to our studio know a little something about us before we meet. Talking with so many new people was quite a rush and they were so well informed. I wanted that show to go on for another week!

The designers were familiar with flatweave and well aware that most contemporary tribal weaving is designed by an outsider and produced anonymously. They responded to the range of our collaborative designs, our commitment to traditional methods and materials, and the tenacity of our story.

“Wence (Martinez) honors his Oaxacan heritage by moving his legacy forward,” parting words of a lovely gentleman after spending some time with our work.

We felt so at home, so inspired by the work and people around us at the show, that we are already planning to return

Thanks to AD, Troy, Michael, Bobbi, all the other artists exhibiting and the lovely encouraging new crowd we were privileged to meet.

Back to work…