Effigy Mound Images

The midwest is full of effigy mounds…

A thoughtful friend passed on some maps of effigy mounds in Wisconsin, drawn by Increase Lapham in 1885 for the Smithsonian.

Effigy Mound Images

This is one of the paintings…prints get photographed shortly.

Those images knocked around my head and heart for months, and towards the end of the six month “art retreat” that is our winter in Oaxaca…they came up to the top. I made a series of large paintings on paper using the maps as a way to ground my figures.   The paintings moved into a much dreamed of print project.  Two color silkscreen on plain and finally, painted paper.

I was in heaven, spending days working on them at Asaro Collective’s print studio and gallery in Oaxaca City (Espacio Zapata).  Our young buck art buddies were a joy to spend time with and Line’s knowledge of his medium was invaluable.  Considering the studio equipment, materials  and physical strength required to do silkscreen work, I would never have had the chance without him, and Nero who helped when the larger screens needed two people to pull the print.

Hanging out in the city, before and after print sessions made me feel like I was on vacation…grand, glorious, artmaking vacation.

The kind of thing you would kill yourself applying for…we built it for ourselves when we built our house here. When people are visiting, we are cultural tour guides…when we are alone, we are on art retreat

It was a great winter…