To the Smithsonian and Home Again

Door Living 2013

Martinez Studio garners national recognition
Katie Lott Schnorr

smithsonianWence and Sandra Martinez, artistic and marriage partners for 25 years, live and create their tapestries at Martinez Studios near Jacksonport.

In a late spring day, brilliant with green and sunshine, I arrived at the studio/gallery of Wence and Sandra Martinez, set in a small, whitewashed barn on their Jacksonport property. As I wandered the gallery looking at Wence’s distinctive flat-weave designs and Sandra’s abstract, organic images, I could hear the easy hum of the couple’s give and take upstairs in the studio. A few minutes later, they came down the wooden stairs to greet me and we settled into a semi-circle of chairs. As we began to talk, their warmth and enthusiasm spilled over like the May sunshine pouring through the door.

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