TWW Project

Wence has been buying from and photographing this set of sisters (and the occasional brother) in Chichi for years…They are feisty and very generous.  They do spin, but they also buy up wool from other spinners to sell in quantity when the weavers from Teotitlan show up looking for it…smart.   (Petra and Narcissa)

Wence and his father Cosme, went to Chichicapan early this morning, in search of a variety of colors of undyed wool for the TWW Project.  The piece will be 7×10 feet and only use undyed wools.  These sister spinners (above, Maria and ? ) are from San Pablo Guila, outside of Chichi. We are always hoping they have some yarn spun up and available….this time they did and it is as lovely as it gets.  The warp has been chosen, the wools collected…and now the tedious warping of the monster loom is next.

I was happy to stay home this trip, and let father and son enjoy the ritual of gathering materials from, in some cases, families they have been buying from for generations. I didn’t miss the hour long bumpy ride but they discovered a new lunch spot I look forward to next time.  Now, after returning from Chichi, they are off again, hiking into the mountains, where Wence’s grandfather had some land.  They are checking for damage to the land and trees from recent flooding, and gathering wild orchids, abundant, fragrant and in season. There will be climbing of trees involved…

All of this is major nostalgia for Wence and a lovely way to spend time “at work”.     You’ll get no arguments from us…we are happy to be here.

For my part, the first day working in my studio here was fruitful….the music loud, the interruptions zero and the distractions mild, reasonable and of my own making.

I am happily reminded of all the times i have moved in and out of large and small studio spaces…some more tricked out/rustic than others…each time, i feel the excitement and the familiarity of setting out my tools, and sidle up to whatever fragment of an idea I left off on… however long ago…

This time it was a composition in circular form from the last body of work, that I always wanted to adapt to a tapestry.  The paper mock up is almost done…and now the tougher part of what that fragment of an old idea brings up next…

Well, I guess I had better get back into the studio and check on that…because when Wence gets home from the mountain, I believe it will be close to the resting time, and the stars take priority over most everything around here.

more pictures later, I promise…   and thanks for your interest in our work
be well,                                                                                                                          Sandra