Sandra Martinez Artist Statement


Influenced by the time-honored use of drawing and mark-making as a vehicle for spiritual focus and exploration, I have rooted my work in a 36-year-long meditative drawing practice—an effort first encouraged by my mentor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, David Damkoehler. As with automatic writing, my drawings begin as stream of consciousness contour lines, part of an ancient thread with no hierarchy in regard to media. By using the simplest materials, I always feel I have complete access to my work. I expand my drawings with painted studies to explore transition into a weaving.

Since 1988, I have collaborated with my husband, Wence, a Master Weaver, on tapestry design. This has allowed me to view my work in a new dimension and tap into textile’s historic role as a way to communicate and preserve story and myth. I am continually inspired by the shift in perspective engendered by viewing my work on paper translated into a functional weaving used on a floor or wall. During this transition, the original forms are explored and refined—even altered.

The interconnectedness of life forms continues to inspire my work. Today, my drawings have grown into a fusion of references to human, plant, and shelter forms. They remain pleasantly mysterious to me. For all our cultural differences, Wence and I share a respect and deep love of the roots of spirit.

Sandra Martinez: Martinez Studio