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Contemporary Flatweave Rooted in Legacy

Latino Arts CouncilWence and Sandra Martinez at Latino Arts, Milwaukee.
Sept 11-Oct 14 2015. Show open Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm.
Saturday Sept 26 is a Gala ticked fundraiser – Saturday Sept 26. Tickets available here.

codice by Wence MartinezWence and Sandra Martinez have been gathering a selection of important works from their collectors in preparation for a comprehensive survey show opening at Latino Arts in Milwaukee Sept 11-Oct 14, 2015. Most impressive of all is the Codice Nuttall, an 8’x5’6” tour de force weaving of Wence’s that has been accepted as a Promised Gift to the Permanent Collection of the  National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL.

The work is a very complex weaving using vegetal dyed hand spun wool. The image is from the famous Codice Nuttall one of the rare surviving books not destroyed by the Spanish in their conquest of Mexico.  Plans are to take this piece on the road to the November Philadelphia Art Museum Craft Show and the next Smithsonian Craft Show before it is released to the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. A few other significant works are gathered now at Martinez Studio before mounting the Milwaukee show and it is an opportunity to see in person some works that are not normally available to the public.

New Village Collection

floraAs new Village Collection work arrives, newsletters will be sent out by email with photos of available work.

Wence and Sandra Martinez view their roles in a long line of stewards of the Oaxacan weaving legacy as an honor and a privilege. With Wence’s expert mentoring, their daughter, Malena Martinez and son-in-law, Jacobo Martinez debuted as apprentices bringing the work full circle, flowing back into the cultural heritage from which it was born.

The “Village Collection” is based on 14 of Sandra’s latest designs woven by the apprentices of machine spun, Oaxacan wool providing entry level pricing for new collectors. Whether used on the wall or the floor, the work brings warmth to a variety of interiors from urban lofts to cozy bungalows.

”Village Collection” designs are available in a variety of colors and sizes woven by the apprentices. Currently in gold, turquoise, red, soft green, black and cream. The works may be commissioned as woven by Wence in hand-spun wool as well.

Mr. Helsinki celebrates Martinez Studio: Legacy with a reception Thursday, Oct 8 from 5-7pm.

mrhelsinkiWence and Sandra Martinez will hang a rotating selection of their weavings and paintings at Mr. Helsinki, the notable, second story, Fish Creek wine bar and restaurant over the winter months.

“There is some kind of pixie magic in those tall, beautiful, red walls that makes our weavings just glow. Maybe it is the wine….or the spicy shrimp…but showing there is just another great reason to hang out there all the time!” Sandra says.

Chris Cote, owner of Mr. Helsinki says, “The scale, texture and imagery of Wence and Sandra’s work transforms the space every time we host them. The large weavings particularly, warm the space over the long, “off” season. I always hate to take them down.”

Even with thirty one works installed at the couple’s solo show at Latino Arts (UCC) in Milwaukee until Oct 14, there is still plenty to see at the Mr. Helsinki show.

The ”Village Collection”, Sandra’s latest designs woven by Wence’s apprentices, (their daughter, Malena and son-in-law , Jacobo principally), debuted in July to an enthusiastic audience.  The wave of encouragement has bolstered everyone involved cementing what has truly become a family affair.

New versions of the designs in new colors have arrived and will share the walls with select weavings by Cosme Martinez, (Wence’s late father) and Sandra’s painted studies for weavings. Three generations of the Martinez family of weavers will be celebrated in the first version of the show with fresh works added over the course of the winter.

Martinez Studio has come full circle, flowing back into the cultural heritage from which it was born. Join us Thursday, October 8, 5-7pm at Mr. Helsinki in Fish Creek to celebrate!

contemporary craft showPhiladelphia Art Museum Craft Show

November 12-15, 2015
Our second year in a row
Wence and Sandra will appear at the 39th annual Philadelphia Museum Contemporary Craft Show, November 12-15, 2015. Martinez Studio was one of 195 exhibitors selected from a pool of more than 1,000 applicants.

WPTMartinez Studio was featured in February on Wisconsin Public Television’s Wisconsin Life Series. The segment received a regional Emmy for Ryan Ward Photography.

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